Thursday, May 27, 2010

Woo Lawd

Been quite some time, no? Let's see...a lyf upd8? Finished my first year; waiting on my review from the faculty to come in. The papers went fine, though I may be spending part of the summer revising one for possible publication. That'll take a shitload of work, however, as the paper just didn't crown as easily as I expected. On the to-do list:

-Employment? I have money saved up & probably don't need to work, but I'm terrified that I'll have a Bell Jar summer if I have nothing to get up in the morning for. Kidding? Ideally, I'd like to tutor, but I hear freelancing in Boston is pretty tough because you're competing with big groups like Kaplan & the like. May advertise, just in case. Thinking maybe an 8-week intensive course teaching high school seniors and/or college freshman how to write college level papers--with some literary crit & seminar-style discussion thrown in. This is mostly just a dream, but I figure it can't hurt to try. Otherwise, waiting tables, working at a coffeeshop, something like that, part time.

-A new place. If you're in the greater Boston area & know of any good places in Cambridge or Somerville opening up, give me a holler. Budget's around 600-700 on rent. I need out of my apartment asap.

Also, I joined okcupid...hahahaha. Whatever, it seems like a pretty classy site, & I need to expand my social circle or I'll hate Boston forever. Already had some interesting conversations there--and actually, a pretty good date? Don't feel like confessing details here, but I'm sort of interested to see where things go.

Other than that, just reading, looking around for a job & an apt, catching up on sleep. Not sure what to do with the blog this summer. Maybe I'll try and do the poem-a-day (poem-a-week seems more feasible now) thing again. Would be good critical stretching for me. I wanna start writing again regularly, & also take up exercise in a more serious way. I miss doing yoga every morning; might also start jogging, though that might require me to quit smoking. We shall see...

Hope ya'll's summer is off to a fabulous start. Boston's an oven again, but it has been perfect outside-reading weather for the past several days.